June 8, 2013 Annette Daily Inspiration


Hello to he newest addition to our family ~ Josie Lynn Wilson. She was born May 24, and I had the priveledge of being in the room when little Josie was born.  So happy for this blessed family of Jesse, Traci and Josie. So happy to be a granny again.

I had another round of chemo last week.  I was more nauseous this time, but I didn’t have the other symptoms that had plagued me in the previous chemo’s.  I sorta of preferred this way….

I tried to write a post while getting chemo but my head was way to swimmie…..and even in the week after, I just couldn’t stand to be on the computer,  I tried a few times, it just made the nausea worse.  Now I am doing better and just wanted to send out a little update.

Once again, Praise God for Josie’s safe arrival and Traci’s smooth recovery.

And Happy Birthday to my brother Dave.


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  • Tammy Fields says:

    Congratulations Grandma! Your family seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. How exciting for you. For some reason I have a harder time thinking of Steve as a grandpa then I do of you as a grandma. Kyle still has another year and a half in college, so I’ll have to wait my turn a little while longer. I bet it’s an awesome feeling!

  • Julie Riggs says:

    Congratulations on the birth of little Josie. So happy for your growing family. I’m praying for you today. Steph posted that you have another round of chemo today. I’ll be praying for your strength and also that the medicine will do its job. Love you Annette.

  • Amy Spurlock says:

    What a beautiful baby. What a blessing for the whole Wilson family. Congratulations granny and congratulations to Traci and Jesse. I am so happy for all of you. By the way, the huge cupcake was amazing for Eddie. Nice job Stephanie. Anette, I responded to a different post, thinking it was the most recent but I am now confused. All I know is that I am out of school and looking to visit with my friend. I will call you soon.

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