Friday ~ Feelin’ A Little Better

April 26, 2013 Annette Daily Inspiration

Whew, finally starting to feel a little better.  I have ached and chilled so much since last Friday afternoon, and it is finally easing up. Not gone, but a definite improvement, and I am soooo grateful for that.   My oncologist said that some people feel this way and that hopefully it will only last a few more days {that was yesterday}. I felt so yuckey that I didn’t even feel like typing and updating. There is a noticeable difference today.  I am also not nauseous today, at all.  My doctor also reminded me to stay away from crowds for the next few days because this is the point in the 21 day chemo cycle that my white blood count is the lowest.  I was planning on trying to go and see James in his play at Fairmont State last night, so that was the answer to whether I would go or not.

My Aunt Jess has been here since Monday and am I ever grateful for all of her help.  Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping…..making the boys do their chores, has all been wonderful….best of all, it’s just been nice to have her around.  Like chicken soup for my mind.

I found out our bowling team came in first place. The banquet was Wednesday. There are 4 of us on our team and our ages are pretty wide spred.  Me, 51, Sharon, in her 60’s, Sondra in her 70’s and Rita in her 80’s.  Sondra is why we got 1st place, shes really good, then Rita, then Sharon and me.  I haven’t bowled the last 6 weeks and I sure missed everyone.  Sondra replaced Mary who passed away last summer at 89.  She was a Rosie The Riveter during WWII, and talked about riding in a covered wagon as a little girl in North Dakota.  Sharon replaced Billie who is 85 and wanted to just be on one bowling league this year.  A couple of years ago she and her husband {who is blind} were up at their cabin in the mountains and she had a stroke.  She couldn’t drive down off the mountain….no phone up there to call for help….so her husband drove and she told her husband….turn….turn a little more….go straight some…..and I wish you could hear her tell the story because it’s so ….well, funny.

“….the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  Nehemiah 8:10


5 Responses to “Friday ~ Feelin’ A Little Better”

  • pat wilson says:

    ,so glad you are feeling better,you are in my thoughts and prayers, iwill see you next week!

    • Annette says:

      Thanks for your prayers Pat. And thank you sooo much for all the laundry and cooking and cleaning you did while you stayed with us. It was a blessing to not to have to worry about any of it. Can’t wait to have more of that good chicken.

  • Linda Bailey says:

    Hi Annette, I met you once at Provance Mkt when you were with James. This evening Dennis and I stopped by the Road House, Stephanie stopped by to chat and told me about your illness. I’ve only met Stephanie and James but love them both, they are great kids. You and your family will be in our prayers. God bless you.

  • RAY says:


  • jordan says:

    So glad to hear that you are starting to feel a little better. Talk about an act of faith and trust, talking a blind person driving instructions. That has to be an amazing story!

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