“…..For The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength.”

April 12, 2013 Annette Daily Inspiration

I wanted to write yesterday, but couldn’t stay awake long enough to clear my brain……anesthesia still in me I suppose.

Wednesday morning started out with going over Tuesday’s PET Scan results, they were a little disappointing….but I was’t surprised since it is aggressive, that the cancer is at least stage 3, because there is cancer in the lymph-nodes below my chest as well as the ones in my neck.  But he assured me that that meant I would just have 6 months of chemo and not 3.  If it is in the bone-marrow I will still have 6 chemo’s.  And Dr. Osman reminded me that non=Hodgkin’s lymphoma B-cell aggressive is still curable, even if it does end up being stage 4.  There are not many cancers {I think only certain lymphoma’s} that stage 4 is curable.I am grateful for that and I know that the Lord has a plan with all of this.  Most cancers at stage 3 or 4 don’t have such a good prognosis.  I will find out about the bone marrow biopsy next Wednesday.

I was a bit nervous about the bone marrow biopsy Wednesday morning.  Heard some awful stories of it, but one friend, Joey Dean, said to use the breathing techniques I used in labor.  And it helped. Of course the local anesthesia shots were just like when you get a shot to numb your gums before the dentist fills your tooth.  It was just on the left side of the tail bone.  Then the doctor put another local anesthesia shot directly on the bone.  It was a sharp pinch.  Then he used that little hand held tool contraption that is a drill, and I just felt pressure no pain…..and it felt a little creepy.  Then before he extracted the bone sample Dr. Osman warned that it would hurt, usually a sharp pain all the way down my leg.  The doctor asked if I could hear the bone grinding while he was drilling through it and I said “no all I hear is the tech rattling papers as he was opening tools or stuff….. And Dr. Osman asked it wanted to hear it and I said “sure” so the tech was real quiet for a few minutes while Dr. Osman was grinding away and I could hear it.  That was strange sounding. When he actually extracted the bone it did hurt with a pain that shot down my leg, but it was only 10 or 15 seconds long.

After that was over I went over to the main part of the hospital and registered for th out-patient surgery.  We were a little early, but it ended up that my surgery was 2 1/2 hrs. late.  I guess things get backed up the further in the day you go, and there were a couple of emergencies too.  One nurse explained that when I was in the recovery room that they would bring portable x-rays in to make sure the port was where it was suppose to be.  So, when they got me back into the OR and they had me scoot over to the operating table, someone said I m going to give you something to relax you.  I said “Good cause when I had surgery a couple of weeks ago that really did relax me.”  That was 4:10 and then they asked me to sit up so they could get an x-ray and they were putting a metal board of some kind behind me.  I said “OH I thought you were doing that after the surgery”.  The doctor laughed and said,”it is after the surgery, look at the time.”  It was 5:15.

Jesse and Traci wanted us to go to their house and eat something after the surgery. {They just live 1 mile down the road from us.}  Steve was afraid it would be too much on me, but I said I would like to try.  And, it was nice to sit out in the evening and listening to the frogs.  Very relaxing.  We just stayed a little bit.

I was pretty sore yesterday at the bone-marrow biopsy site,  and of course where they put the port in.Mostly I was pretty sleepy.  But if I’d walk around a little bit it took the soreness of the bone marrow biopsy away some.  Till I would stand up again….And that is feeling even somewhat better. Just moderately stiff.  Chest still hurts where the port was installed.  I am sure it will begin to feel better in a few days.

I start chemo next Wednesday.  Dr. Osman said that my hair will come out in clumps after the first treatment so since don’t want to watch my long hair fall out, we are stopping at Faith’s barbour shop on the way home and she’s cutting it all off.  Sister Paula {a nun who helps out over at Nazareth Farm} is 76 and she just went through 1 year of chemo for breast cancer told me that it was frustrating to wake up and have your pillow case covered with hair.  Or have it fall over the recliner you were just sitting at.  Stephanie went with me to buy a wig last week and we found one that is about the same color as my hair and it’s a little shorter with layers.  I really liked it and so did Stephanie.  Yesterday I went to throw the box away and when I went to crunch the box on the side of it I noticed the name of the wig…….Petite Annette.  Wow, I guess it was ment to be.

So excited for this weekend, James’ play.  He is directing Aladdin.  Beauty and the Beast that he directed last year was really awsome. And yes, I know I am his ;mom’.  But he’s great at directing and set designing.  The MCAC team has a lot of creative folks on it too., and together they put on an amazing show.

5 Responses to ““…..For The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength.””

  • Sharon says:

    You are one of the bravest people I know! You are handling this with such grace and your faith in our God will sustain you through this time. You are in my prayers constantly and know that we will take every step with you! Much love and prayers coming your way from Home. Love you!

  • jordan says:

    Well I guess the anesthesia was relaxing! Ha that was funny… I hope you had a great weekend and I am sure the play was a HUGE success.

  • Zona says:

    Wow, what a story. Thanks for sharing your link. You are such a strong lady! It was so wonderful to see you yesterday! And the play was awesome! Sending you lots of love and prayers!

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