Good Friday

March 29, 2013 Annette Daily Inspiration

Our visit to the Lemieux Center yesterday went real well.  The facility is modern and even has heated massaging recliners in the consultation rooms, and were they ever comfy.  The staff was warm and friendly {and that means so much}.  The doctor told me that they would do exactly the same thing there, at UPMC as they would at our smaller hospital.  We showed the doctor in Pittsburgh what the doctor here had written down for us. He said they would do nothing different except one small detail, and the doctor in Pittsburgh wrote down what that difference was so we could talk to our doctor here.  He said it would not be worth the drive, and this was a very standard procedure.  Well, that impressed me, the doctor in Pittsburgh could have made some some money off of us…….I feel like I am sort of starting to come out of the fog…  Next step is staging.  I will call my doctor in Clarksburg on Monday and he will set the tests up.

Today was the Stations of the Cross hike with our friends at Nazareth Farm.  It’s about 10 miles, and yes I am tired and my feet hurt, but it was sooo worth it.  Most of the hike is in the woods and on dirt roads, and it was a beautiful day to walk over hills and through streams and enjoy God’s handiwork.  Stopping at stations for scripture reading and prayer was medicine for my heart and soul.  I have to be honest and admit the best part is just walking and talking to friends.  What a blessing.

Tomorrow is an exciting day.  Traci’s baby shower!!!  I sure am looking forward to a fun and happy day.“

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  • sharon says:

    You truly inspire me with how courageous you are when facing the scarier parts of this journey. I know that you will be just fine and that God is taking care of you with direction from your Mom and Jim. I can honestely say that I would not have the grace you have shown in the last few weeks. God is with you every step of this journey along with those of us who love you very much. Keeping putting one foot in front of the other because we are right here beside you in every step.

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